Constitution and Bylaws

Article I – Name: The name of this organization shall be the Presidents Ladies’ Association, heretofore referred to as Ladies’ Association, and will include Clare McDonald Monday Night League.

Article II – Objective: The objective of this organization shall be to promote greater interest in the game of golf with due attention to all rules governing play of the game, course rules and to provide social activities for the membership.

Article III – Government: The Government of the Ladies’ Association shall consist of four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer) and a Board of Directors consisting of three women. The management of the Ladies’ Association shall be entrusted to the Officers.

Article IV – Membership:

Section I :  Eligibility – Women 18 years of age or older.
Section II :  Upon being admitted to membership in the Ladies’ Association, members are duly obligated to abide by the Constitution and any amendment thereof.
Section III :  Ladies’ Association members who refuse or neglect to comply strictly or honorably with the Constitution and any duly enacted rules of the Ladies’ Association, or with any decisions handed down by the Officers, shall be liable to suspension or expulsion by a majority vote of the Officers. In each case, an appeal may be taken to the Board of Directors and a majority vote shall be final.
Section IV:  Membership is limited to 250 with priority given to members of the previous golf season who were in good standing and every 2 years at the Ladies’ Association November general meeting votes on whether to add 25 new members until reaching the maximum of 300 members.  Membership dues must be received no later than the March Ladies’ Association Meeting.  After the meeting, membership will be determined, and any openings will be filled in order of the Paid Waiting List Candidates.
Section V :  Members of the Ladies’ Association must have their handicap at Presidents Golf Course.
Section VI:  Members serving as an Officer, (i.e., President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) as well as the Tournament Chairperson and Monday Night League Chairperson (limit of 2 positions) will have their membership dues waived during their term.

Article V – Nominations and Election of Officers:

Section I :  A Nominating Committee Chairperson shall be appointed by the President.  The Chairperson will then appoint two members to her Committee.
Section II :  This Committee shall present to the Ladies’ Association at a September meeting, a list of candidates for the various offices for the coming year.  Ladies’ Association members present at this meeting may nominate other members in good standing.  At the conclusion of this meeting, nominations will then be closed.
Section III :  Election of Officers and Board of Directors will be held at an election, which date will be the date of the last scheduled Ladies’ Association Tournament of the current season.  Election to be held on that date regardless of whether or not the tournament is cancelled or postponed.
Section IV :  All voting for election of Officers and Board of Directors shall be by written ballot which shall be placed in a ballot box overseen by two tellers appointed by the Nominating Committee Chairperson.  These tellers must be members in good standing of the Ladies’ or Men’s Association who are not currently elected officers of the Ladies’ Association or members seeking office.  Ballots will be counted by the Nominating Committee Chairperson and Board of Directors not running for election.
Section V :  All Officers and Board of Directors elected will assume their respective positions on December 1.  Books (financial records) must be turned over on or before January 1st of the following year and all other records must be turned over on or before December 1st.
Section VI :  The President shall be elected yearly, not to exceed more than two terms consecutively. The Board of Directors shall serve three years; commencing in 1989, one Director shall be elected for 3 years, one Director for 2 years, and one Director for 1 year.  Persons may only run for one elected office.
Section VII:  On the last scheduled Ladies’ Association meeting of the year, the President under “New Business” will ask for volunteers to oversee the Clare McDonald Monday Night League for the following year consisting of at least three Ladies’ Association members.

Article VI – Duties of the Officers:

Section I:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Ladies’ Association and all meetings of the Board of Directors.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.  In the absence of both the President and the Vice President, the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall perform the duties of the President.
Section II :  The Secretary shall keep all records of the membership, proceedings of meetings, all election results, and notify the membership of any and all changes.
Section III :  The Treasurer shall collect all money belonging to the Ladies’ Association only.  She shall be authorized to expend under the direction of the President.  At the opening meeting, she shall present a budget for the year.  Once the Board of Directors approves the budget, monies may be expended in accordance with the approved budget.  During the year, the Board of Directors will need to authorize any expense which is not in the budget, or which exceeds the budgeted line item amount by over $100.  Total expenditures must never deplete the Ladies’ Association account under a minimum of $200.  Furthermore, the balance remaining at the end of the year should be approximately $1500 in order to provide incoming officers with the financial resources to start the next season.
Every month from March to December she shall POST a monthly balance sheet as well as present written reports at the monthly officers’ meetings and the general meetings of financial condition of the Ladies’ Association.  With the Presidents’ concurrence, money raised may be designated by the fundraisers for a specified membership purpose (i.e., Member/Guest, Et al).  Which such designation is made, stated amount will be used for that purpose except in a financial emergency so deemed by the President and/or Board of Directors (Revised 5/31/08).
Section IV :  The President shall be ex-officio chairman of all committees.  She shall have no vote in decision of the Board of Directors except in the event of a tie vote in which case the President may cast the deciding vote.
Section V :  It shall be the duty of the President to appoint the Chairpersons for the following committees:  a) Tournament Committee; b) Handicap Committee.  The President cannot appoint herself as a chairperson.  These two committees will be governed by the United States Golf Association USGA Systems and Operations Manuals.
Section VI :  The Vice President shall replace the President when the President is not available to carry out her duties.  She must also be available to carry out any responsibilities the President delegates to her.
Section VII :  The Board of Directors’ main responsibility is to keep the Ladies’ Association solvent.  On December 1, when all records with the exception of financial records, due January 1, are turned over to the subsequent year’s elected officers, the Board of Directors will solicit a volunteer(s) to perform an audit of the financial books and records.  If necessary, a nominal fee (not to exceed $50) will be allowed for the audit.  The Board shall also advise the President when necessary and will have the authority to remove any Officer who is not performing her responsibilities under the recommendation of the President.  Removal of any Officer must be made by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.  Removal of any Board members must be made by a two-thirds vote of the membership present.
Section VIII :  In the event that a Board of Directors member or any officer of the Ladies’ Association other than the President is unable to complete her term of office, the Nominating Committee Chairperson of the Ladies’ Association will seek out members of the Ladies’ Association in good standing who would like to be considered as candidates to complete the term of that Board of Directors member or Association Officer.  Nominations will be solicited within two weeks of notification that a board member or officer will be unable to complete her term of office. If two or more candidates are interested in assuming the vacant position, a general election of the entire membership will be scheduled within two weeks after the nomination period.  In the event that notification occurs during the off-season (i.e., that period of time between the last official Ladies' Association tournament of the previous season and the first official Ladies' Association tournament of the subsequent season), nomination of candidates and the general election will occur no later than one month after the Ladies' Association first general business meeting of the subsequent season.  If only one candidate presents for the vacant office, the President shall appoint that person to the vacant position without the need for a special election.  If no candidates present for the vacant office, the President may appoint a member of her choice in good standing to the vacant position with the approval of two of the three members of the Board of Directors. (Revised 2/26/22)

Article VII – Meetings:
Section I :  Generally, meetings of the Ladies’ Association will be held in March, June & September.  The closing meeting will take place on the date of the election which is to be held on the date of the last scheduled Ladies’ Association Tournament.  The full membership shall be notified of the meetings in writing by mail or via email or noted receipt of the Calendar of Golf Events issued by the Ladies’ Association Officers.  At a minimum, the Ladies’ Association will hold three business meetings during the year.  Officers will generally meet monthly or at the discretion of the President and minutes will be posted for membership review within 14 days of the meeting. (Revised 5/31/08)
Section II:  Meeting of the Officers and Board of Directors shall be at the call of the President.  A meeting of the Board of Directors may also be called by a written request, provided it is signed by two-thirds of the Board and duly presented to the President.  In this case, the President shall then call a meeting of the Board.  A special meeting of the membership may be called at any time by the President at the request of five (5) or more members of the Ladies Association.  The request shall be made by these members to the President who will then call the meeting.
Section III:  The regular order of business for all meetings shall be:
1) Call to Order by the President
2) Reading of the record of the last meeting
3) Report of Treasurer on Finances
4) Correspondence
5) Committee Reports
6) Unfinished Business
7) New Business
8) Open discussion on affairs and activities
Section IV:  Rules of order at all meetings will be governed by Roberts Rules.
Section V:  Thirty (30) members must be present and in good standing to constitute a quorum for Ladies' Association meetings.

Article VIII - Revenue:
Section I:   The Ladies' Association shall be strictly a non-profit organization and all monies from any source whatever or wherever lawfully received shall be utilized solely for financing expenditures and indebtedness to carry out the business of the Ladies' Association.
Section II:  Applications for membership of the Ladies' Association shall be accompanied by a fee to be determined by the PLA Officers annually.  (Revised 2/1/2024)

Article IX - Amendments:
These articles may be amended by two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting at a meeting, via email or via a survey tool, provided that the proposed amendment(s) have been presented in writing, signed by three members of the Ladies' Association and that notice of the proposed amendment(s) be conspicuously posted where all interested may read, or sent to Membership via email, two weeks prior to said vote. (Revised 2/1/2024)

Original Constitution/Bylaws were adopted on January 7, 1981. 
Rewritten Constitution adopted on October 8, 1988.
Amended:  March 11, 1989; October 8, 1989; March 2, 1991; June 27, 1992; March 6, 1993; June 26, 1993; June 25, 1994; June 22, 1995; October 12, 1996; November 8, 1998; September 30, 2000; and June 8, 2002;  September 8, 2007; May 31, 2008; October 29, 2016; February 26, 2022 and rewritten to incorporate membership changes; February 1, 2024.  (Historical changes are passed on to each President)